guía de actividades de verano

Si todavía está bajo restricciones mientras espera una vacuna segura para su hijo, puede estar preocupado.

Aún puede tener un verano familiar divertido.

Encontrar actividades para ayudar a su hijo, sobrinos y nietos a disfrutar del verano es posible con un poco de creatividad.

Aquí hay algunas ideas para hacer esto uno de verano que a todos les encantará recordar.

Unsure if going outside is safe?

Replace the community pool. Get creative and invent new waterplay games together. Use the lawn sprinkler or water guns or have a bubble-blowing competition.

Festive and safe parties online. Hold parties online and have friends and family help you make it great. Dress up parties, trivia nights, birthday bashes, or turn down the lights for a spooky story night via video chat.

Replace the summer camps. When your child can't attend the summer camp like normal, look for a virtual summer camp to replace it. Can't find one? Try replacing it with a backyard campout and roast marshmellows.

Schedule a special creativity night. Choose one night a week where you get really creative about doing something new. Build a fort and make up fairy tale stories. Create some age-appropriate recipes in the kitchen. Try a science experiment together. Look for the kid-approved craft projects on Pinterest and try one.